Saturday, January 23, 2010

Broken World

Some major problems were found with the wall objects the other day.
but i will keep the links up for now for those who do not use advanced rendering
and would still like to use the other objects.
I recommend removing the wall objects!

original: here
by fiddledeedee


  1. Very happy you were able to fix these this quickly!

  2. This set is great, I really like it, but it is too modern for my world. I have a small request for you, would you make a similar set for the steampunk era? That would be really awesome. Thank you.

  3. hmm ill add that to my things to do

  4. Will you also be re-uploading the fixed Seven Cities ago set (without shine) and the broken fridges?

  5. i will be uploading broken fridges today and
    i have yet to start seven cities ago sadly.

  6. Thanks for the fixed fridges (and they're recolorable, great <3), and take your time with the other set :)

  7. Hi there, thank you very much for making this set. It's really great! However I was hoping you'd be able to tell me which category the 'wall truss' should be in? I've searched through columns, arches and all the furniture lists. Can you help?

  8. everything is in miscellaneous decor

  9. Sorry to bother you again :S I finally got around to test the fixed set properly, but it seems the crashing to desktop problem isn't quite fixed yet. The 'floor items' (as in, don't need a wall to be placed) seem to be fine, but the wall items still cause crashes, and it's not specific items but random ones. Also, the textures appears to be missing for this item:

    And quite a few still have the very shiny textures:

    Let me know if I can help with anything!

  10. i hadn't even thought to check the wall objects as they were not made with town objects....
    actually one thing you could do is go in game and check to see what objects have the shine still. i had thought i fixed the concrete pipes but apparently was wrong.
    im so sorry about this.....

  11. No problem, as long as it's fixable I'm a happy camper! :)

    Here are the pictures.
    - The items with the most apparent shine:

    - I know they're not from this set but the fridges are also quite shiny:

    - Missing texture and slightly shiny bars:

    - Slight shine on these as well:

    And that's it, let me know if you need more help.

  12. Hi!
    I must agree with Martine: some objects are crashing my game.
    I will have to remove them for now.. T_T
    Too bad, for I can't live without you awesome set.. I hope you can fix this someday.
    Thank you for reading, don't stop creating!

  13. I love the items, but they crashed my game and I deleted them... can anyone tell me if they are fixed now?

  14. Are the wall objects fixed yet? =/ Please say yes...

  15. These are from Half Life 2 and it's fucking shameful how you're not telling where you got these from.

  16. I'm sorry to say the wall objects are still not fixed.

    These are a conversion of fiddledeedee conversion from half life 2 so i simply put credit to fiddledeedee for the original conversion.

  17. Love you for making these, will promise to love you more for fixing them. ;) lol And sorry peeps are giving you a hardtime. "Look! I made a purple pixel so be sure to credit me everytime you use my purple pixel." YOU DID GIVE CREDIT and as a non-SH fan, I don't care which game they were originally extracted from.

    Although I thought I downloaded your fixed version from GOS? Anyway, what is meant exactly by "wall objects"? Are some of them okay?

  18. All the objects work in game
    but the objects that need to be placed on a wall crash if you go over it with the clone, pattern, or demolish tool

    Ive worked on this a bunch but every time i do i seem to come across a problem with my computer and at the moment Sims 3 isn't even working for me, so if i do get it fixed it isn't going to be for a while =[

  19. Thank you! :)
    Note-- I needed a gas meter (gah! it's a wall object :X doesn't make my game CTD, but is shiny gray w/out details. Is okay w/me! I put it in a dark corner & looks shadowed.
    And the set as a whole...WOW! Thank you so very, very much! :)