Friday, February 19, 2010

Dumpsters from SevenCitiesAgo(now works with Advanced Rendering)

original: here
by fiddledeedee


  1. This is amazing! Thank you!

  2. Love these <3 Were you able to fix the Broken World set btw?

  3. I'm hoping to post SevenCitiesAgo ether today or tomorrow and then im ganna do broken world.

  4. Wonderful! Thanks so much for converting these. :)

  5. Just wanted to let you know these are also very shiny with Advanced Rendering on:

  6. oh no...
    please do me a favor martine and test these objects from sca and tell me if they still have a shine.
    i lowered the specular on then but if these objects are still shining than high chance so are the ones i just "fixed"

  7. I tested the objects for you, here's a picture to illustrate the shiny-ness (btw, are these objects not shiny in your game, with advanced rendering turned on?)

    As you can see, there's a few objects with a rather apparent shine. One of the mattresses also has a blurred texture now it seems.

    As for crashing. The first time I tested, I selected the globe with the delete tool, and it crashed to the desktop. I haven't been able to reproduce this afterwards with any of the items (including the globe), so that's kind of odd too.

    I tried to lower the specular to 0 in TSR Workshop using the dumpster files, and while this worked (as long as both files were in the game, the shiny one and the fixed one), I couldn't get them to show up in-game properly when only using the fixed package. The texture would be all bright white on the fixed file. I don't know if this is some built in cloning protection in TSR's Workshop or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    I'd be happy to help you test some more, just let me know if you need help.

  8. I've actually never even heard of advanced rendering before and some how missed that you were telling me this was happening in this setting. After going in-game and turning on advanced rendering i now see what you are talking about.As for the crash I'm not sure why that would happen.I'm going to try and fix things and yet again thanks so much for the help.

  9. These work perfectly now, thanks for updating them! :)